Mission and Beliefs

The mission of TYM is to raise up a generation of students who deeply love God and see the world through the lens of God’s Kingdom. A generation empowered by the Holy Spirit to be carriers of healing, restoration, reconciliation, peace, justice and hope. In addition, it is our mandate to equip youth and children’s leaders for the purpose of awakening to and rooting in Jesus and His Kingdom, the students of their community.

The Movement

In recent years the name TYM has become synonymous with the phrase, “The Movement”. Our gatherings are marked with passionate pursuit, rich preaching and life-changing encounters with God’s presence. However the desire of TYM is to not only create environments conducive to encounters, but also to raise up a generation of carriers. The Acts 2 experience was a catalyst for personal change and it remains so to this day. Yet the outpouring of God’s Spirit into His church was always intended to be carried into the earth by believers, shaping culture and bringing others into close proximity with God’s love. In its simplest form “The Movement” is more than powerful gatherings. It is living with great hope and possibility in the heart that His Kingdom can come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.